New York Reflections
New York Reflections
Oil on canvas, 22" x 30"

Original: contact Artist for the price.

Giclee on canvas in size 22" x 30": $300.00

Note: Giclee Prints for this image are available in two other sizes (besides original):
10" x 12": $100.00
15" x 18": $200.00

Giclee prints can be custom printed to your desired size and signed by the artist

The image shows New York in an unrealistic way – seeing a skyscraper through its mirrored reflection on another building. Surrounding buildings are reflected on shiny glass surfaces and create new extraordinary silhouettes and unexpected shapes. Distorted reflections are bouncing off; sometimes it is difficult to differentiate the real from the reflected and sometimes the reflections are so distorted they have an otherworldly appearance.