About Artist

Marina Vorojeykina Ahun was born in the shadow of the Ural Mountains in Russia at the height of the Cold War. She was educated at the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, receiving a degree in Fine Art and Architecture.

The trajectory of her career started as a graphic designer long ago, pursuing art activities on the side. She visited the United States in 2002 on a tourist visa and applied for, and was granted, political asylum from religious persecution in a former Soviet bloc country. Marina became a US citizen in 2012. Settling in Central New Jersey, she refocused her efforts and started working seriously as a fine artist.

Marina’s artwork is full of strong, powerful images rendered in different styles ranging from pure realistic to expressionist paintings where some of the architectural features become almost abstract.

Marina became Princeton University's only Licensed and Commissioned Artist providing realistic ‘portraits’ of the University's iconic, historical campus. Her renderings are extraordinarily detailed and build with accurate perspective and foundation. She masterfully brings together the elements of exquisite drawing, subtle coloration, flawless perspective, sensitive modeling and brilliantly conceived compositions.  All of these factors work together to give a true sense of these beautiful spaces.

Marina is exploring the territory between realism and abstraction in her series of the world’s greatest city entitled "New York Scenes". These paintings are about capturing visual paradoxes with an inverted side of reality in their reflections while providing a reverse side of functionality in their hidden allusions. The buildings are just the starting point for a journey into the illusionary space portrayed on her canvases.

Marina expands her talent to construct the perspective and geometry in her abstract paintings. She investigates and pursues alternative realities in her series "Structures Vibrating Space". These paintings manifest a complex of natural impulse, deep movement, tranquility, solitude and spirit.

Princeton University:

· Officially Commissioned and Licensed by Princeton University.

· 18 original architectural renderings of Princeton are in the permanent collection of the University.

· The Official 2011 Princeton University 18 month Calendar is illustrated with 19 watercolors of campus buildings and scenes.

· Architectural rendering “Holder Cloister” was chosen by the President of Princeton University for her Winter Holidays greeting card.


· "Kite and Reflection" was selected as a finalist in the Abstract/Experimental category of The Artist's Magazine 28th Annual Art Competition (2011) from among 7000 entries.

Artist's Statement

"I was fortunate to have grown up in Russia and been educated at The Imperial Academy of Fine Art in St. Petersburg. There, I studied hard and learned much about techniques in both art and architecture which have given me the tools to create the work I do today.

I do move back and forth between the two styles and two mediums. When I’m looking for urban street scenes that will become realistic paintings, I use watercolor. When I do abstract expressionist paintings I use oil and I have no idea what the painting is going to look like when finished. The painting dictates its own course. The processes complement one another beautifully and pure abstraction strengthens what I’m able to do when I paint realistically. What I’m forced to do with the realistic painting ends up being a technical contribution to the abstract painting.

The truth is that I’ve tried to build my life around sparks of wonder and dazzling passion for making paintings. I feel I have been surrounded and guided by the hand of God in my work and in building such a life.

I am grateful to Princeton and Princeton University for their support in giving me the opportunity to paint the many beautiful buildings on campus. I try to honor the spirit of all my subjects by breathing life into my work so that others may enjoy the magic, harmony and elegance I see."